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Summer is the perfect time to splash & play. For most kids, the lure of water is irresistable. But knowing that pools & other bodies of water are like magnets for kids, parents should be more vigilant than ever. Here's what every parent should know.

Stormy Weather

Hurricane Alex may have made landfall far from Florida, but it still served as an important reminder that Broward County residents should be thinking ahead, long before the swirling winds off the coast of Africa are assigned a name.

Safety Sparkles This Indepenence Day

Fourth of July fireworks always draw a crowd, but those beautiful bursts of color can lead to catastrophic injuries if not used with care.

Hurricane Basics

With the first day of June comes the first day of Hurricane season 2010.
Are you ready?

The second recent death of a South Florida child who was forgotten in a hot car should serve as a reminder to parents just how dangerous it can be to leave a child unattended in a vehicle.

Found 5 records