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Will Power

No parent wants to think about what would happen to their children if they weren't here to care for them. But experts say you are short-changing your children's future if you avoid estate planning.

The Rocky Road to Motherhood

Having babies is what nature intended for us, right? For couples wrestling with infertility, it doesn’t seem like it.

Taking the high road

Divorced or separated and wondering how you'll get through the back-to-school season?

Kids eat up Dad’s influence

Moms usually get the credit (or blame) for children’s eating habits, but new research shows dads may have a surprising influence.

Is It Ok To Discipline Other People

You know how to handle your own children when they step out of line. Now if you could just figure out what to do about their friends.

Hot Shots

Published: 07/01/2011 by Carolyn Jabs in Parenting, Technology

Hot Shots

How to make sure your child's summer photos stay G-rated

Dad Power

Someone hands you a squirming, squalling, helpless little person, and all of a sudden your life changes forever. Congratulations.You’re a dad. And that truly makes you a super-man, especially in the life of your child.

Crash Course

If you think your child will return to a school-year sleep routine without your help, you're dreaming.

Building a bond

Are you a mom who wishes your partner were a tad — OK, maybe a lot — more involved with the kids? You might want to examine your own patterns of behavior.

Baby Blues Affect Dad, Too

Feeling a bit overwhelmed by that bundle of joy? Take heart, dads. You are not alone.

Found 11 records | Showing page 1 of 2 pages | next page