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Women’s Empowerment

What are you doing to secure your financial future? If you're leaving all the planning to your partner, you're making a mistake.

Will Power

No parent wants to think about what would happen to their children if they weren't here to care for them. But experts say you are short-changing your children's future if you avoid estate planning.

What NOT to do at the mall

Whether you are a novice shopper or seasoned veteran, it’s always smart to arm yourself with a spending strategy. As you hit the malls for back to school, the national Foundation for credit counseling reminds consumers of five no-nos at the mall.

The Top Credit Mistakes You Might be Making

Even the smartest folks slip up when it comes to credit — many without even knowing it. Being aware of your credit and your credit score is very important, especially since you can harm them without even being aware of it.

The secrets of mystery shopping

Consumer advocates warn against come-ons for jobs as “mystery” or “secret” shoppers.

Taxes Take A Holiday

Despite its own budget problems, the Florida Legislature decided to suspend the state sales tax again for a weekend to make school shopping less painful.

Redefining Your Family

Establishing A Family Mission Statement Can Help Set Your Clan's Tone And Goals For The Coming Year - And Beyond

Money Matters

Websites to help teach kids of all ages - and even parents - that every penny counts.

Frugal Fashion

Welcome the new school year in frugal fashion with these tips for back-to-school saving.

Found 12 records | Showing page 1 of 2 pages | next page