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School Lunches Increase Price in Broward County

Published: 08/01/2012 by Broward Family Life Staff in Education

For the first time in six years, the Broward School Board has decided to raise the price of eating at school.

Aromatherapy is far from a new concept. The practice of using scents and essential oils to promote wellness dates back hundreds of years. But could the right smells help your child perform better in school? Possibly.

The new science of textbooks

Science textbooks are evolving in Broward county’s public middle schools.

Taxes Take A Holiday

Despite its own budget problems, the Florida Legislature decided to suspend the state sales tax again for a weekend to make school shopping less painful.

Tallying The Bill

Published: 09/01/2010 by Kathy Seale in Education

Tallying The Bill

If you’re already worried about college expenses, you may not want to read this story. If you have a child in college or headed that way, you should not miss it.

Taking the high road

Divorced or separated and wondering how you'll get through the back-to-school season?

Playing by the rules 

Not quite sure what’s allowed as part of the dress code? Trying to figure out how your child can take medicine at school? Wondering what the school system’s policy is on cell phone use? You don’t have to look far to find out.

Money Matters

Websites to help teach kids of all ages - and even parents - that every penny counts.

Model teachers

Published: 08/01/2011 by Gregory Keer in Education

Model teachers

Some teachers are inspired, committed, and brilliant. And then some are not. What's a parent to do?

Learning Curves

If learning were as easy as 1-2-3, all of our kids would be straight A students headed to Harvard. But learning is far more complicated than that.

Found 18 records | Showing page 1 of 2 pages | next page